• Prevention Project™ Program Overview

    The Prevention Project™ curriculum is Richmond Justice Initiative’s award-winning, signature prevention education program.  Richmond Justice Initiative (RJI) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate, equip, and mobilize communities to be a force in the global movement to end human trafficking.

    The Prevention Project program exists to prevent teen human trafficking.

    In order to eradicate human trafficking – the sale and exploitation of human beings for profit – we believe we must educate young people about the lures of trafficking and invest in character and leadership development. The Prevention Project curriculum exists to not only prevent trafficking from occurring, but also to create and equip student leaders to be a part of the solution, bringing lasting change for our communities and beyond.

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    The Prevention Project curriculum was developed and produced by

    1)Human trafficking survivors


    3)Advocates from leading anti-trafficking organizations

    4)Law Enforcement

    In addition, each year, we ask for feedback from students and teachers who have been through the program and consider current trends of human trafficking, as reported by field experts, in order to provide the most updated content for our students.

    Curriculum Overview

    • The Prevention Project program is an academic curriculum administered to middle and high school students in their classrooms, after-school program, or youth group, etc.
    • The high school version is 6 lessons, and the middle school curriculum is available in a 2lesson version or a 6-lesson grade-by-grade version.
    • Each high school lesson is designed to be 45-50 minutes long, and each middle school lesson is designed to be 40 minutes long.
    • Every lesson plan includes learning objectives, a list of materials needed, discussion questions, teacher notes for the entire lesson, and additional resources.
    • The Prevention Project curriculum aligns with certain SOL and Common Core requirements for middle and high school grades in Social Studies, Health, and English/Language Arts.
    • The curriculum’s lesson plans are straightforward and easy to use.

    Let’s Get Started!

    Steps to obtaining the Prevention Project curriculum:

    1. tpp2 Identify the school, program, or county in which you want to see the Prevention Project curriculum taught, and get approval from the decision maker (i.e. Principal, Head Counselor, Curriculum Lead Teacher).
    2. The RJI staff will prepare the year-long curriculum license, which includes a contract agreement and an invoice for a small registration fee.
    3. Once the contract is signed and payment is received, RJI staff will send new teachers a welcome packet including a link to the convenient suite of “Train the Trainer” videos.  
    4. Teachers complete the “Train the Trainer” on their own time, where they are introduced to the online curriculum and fully equipped to teach.  
    5. Teachers schedule time in their own class to teach the Prevention Project curriculum and will distribute provided resource materials to key school staff (school administrators, school counselors, school psychologist, school resource offers, etc.). RJI staff will be there to assist every step of the way! 

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